eXvay Bot

The revolutionizing discord bot used to upgrade your server.

eXvay Commands

Shows all the commands used in the bot.
Moderation Help
>purge <amount of msgs> - Deletes a certain amount of messages.
>mute <member> - Mutes a member.
>unmute <member> - Unmutes a member.
>kick <member> - Kicks a member from the server.
>ban <member> - Bans a member from the server.
>channellock <#channel> - Hides a channel making it visible to admins only.
>channelunlock <#channel> - Unlocks a locked channel.
>userlock <member> - Locks a user from seeing the server.
>userunlock <member> - Unlocks a locked user.

Config Help
>config-message.filter - Filters all rude words.
>config-message.dlink - Blocks members from sending discord links.
>config-message.link - Disables users from sending links.

Economy Help
>redeemcode <code> - Redeems a valid code.
>slots <cash amount> - Gambles provided cash.
>bal <member> - Shows a users balance of Cash and there bank balance.
>dep <amount of cash> - Deposits a certain amount of cash into your bank.
>with <amount of cash> - Withdraws cash out of your bank.
>rob <member> - Allows you to rob a member with 30 cash on them.
>profile <member> - Sends a users profile.
>trade <member> - Starts a trade with a user.
>donate <member> <cash amount> - Gives your cash to another member.
>work - Allows you to work to earn cash.
>daily - Gives you your daily bonus of free cash.
>mine [Premium Required] - Go mining and find cash, shards or even RUBIES!
>shop - Shows the bot's shop.
>buy <item> - Allows you to purchase items from the shop.
>use <item> - Activates a item you have purchased from the store.
>inventory <member> - Shows your inventory or a mentioned member's.
>realestate - Shows the first page of houses.
>purchaseHouse <House ID> - Allows you to purchase a house.
>check<House ID> - Checks your house. e.e >checkHouse1 .

Fun Help
>urban search <query> - Searches something from the urban dictionary.
>meme - Posts a random meme.
>8ball <question> - The bot answers any question you have.

Information Help
>rep <member> - Gives a rep point to a member to show they are legit.
>reps <member> - Shows how many reps you have, or if you pinged someone how many reps they have.
>bugreport <bug> - Reports a existing bug to a developer.
>profile <member> - Shows a members profile.
>rank <member> - Shows a members XP, level and XP needed to lvl up.
>userinfo <member> - Sends information about the mentioned user.
>serverinfo - Shows details about the server you are in.
>uptime - Sends how long the bot has been online for.
>ping - Pings the bot and shows the ping.