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About eXvay

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eXvay staterd production on 10/10/19 and since then has grown a lot. It's main functions are Economy, Moderation, Configuration, Fun and information. There are daily updates and we do enjoy adding features from suggestions. The bot has grown to be in over 80 servers at this point and is still growing. As there is a page on discord bot list for the bot, the bot got over 40 upvotes. eXvay is the future of discord bots. Do not miss out on the opportunity to get your server and your members a great experience using the amazing bot.

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eXvay has a very advanced economy system. Cash is obtained by doing work daily. To get shards that you can exchange into rubies you must level up. To level up you need to get 250 XP, You can get 1-5 XP per message every 30 seconds. Rubies are a very rare currency. They are used to buy RARE items. You can get rubies from exchanging 100 shards, purchasing them for 1000 cash or if you have the premium version you can get them from mine *(to purchase eXvay premium do tstore)*Cash and rubies are used to buy epic items from the store.