eXvay Bot

The revolutionizing discord bot used to upgrade your server.

About eXvay

eXvay is a modern bot with many features that are very useful. The owner of the bot is _Josh_ #0086. production of the bot started on 10/10/19. 80 is the current amount of servers the bot is n and we aim to reach 100 before November. The 5 main categories on the bot is: Economy, Configs, Moderation, fun and information. For more info visit the About section.

eXvay Info

Servers: 70

Members Using it: 24463

Creation Date: 10/10/19

Upvotes: 44

Donations: £1


You have read so much, why not try it out?

eXvay is a advanced bot and would benefit your server. It get's daily suggestions and tries to add most of the suggestions, making it the bot everyone wants, driven by the community. Try it out, you wont regret it...

The bot is made entirely for servers members to connect and have fun. No matter what is happening in your life you can come and have a fun time on eXvay whether your looking at memes or grinding to get Cash on the economy section.

Donations are accepted. The profit is used for better hardware or to giveaway to eXvay users.

Update Log

Shows all the bug logs, updates etc.

30/10/19 - Added, bank system, rob, items, bugreport cmd, updated shop and a reputation system.

29/10/19 - Changed the website to a new domain.

25/10/19 - Added config commands, fixed embeds, bug fixes and made the website public.

18/10/19 - Introduced Houses updates and bug fixes.

15/10/19 - Changed work cooldown from 1 day to 3 hours.

14/10/19 - Main functions of the bot released.